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The Staff of the CCSM

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Let's Play Together - Senior CCSM Orchestra




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The County Cork School of Music Senior Orchestra (CCSM Senior Orchestra) was established in 1998 to encourage and promote ensemble playing across the county.


The Orchestra is made up of students aged from 13 years old upwards who have the opportunity to perform and experience a variety of repertoire from the classics to popular and contemporary works.


It is CCSM's largest senior ensemble and accommodates students from all over Co. Cork as well as the greater Munster area. A team of instrumental tutors and a conductor supports the orchestra with scheduled rehearsals and performances.


The CCSM Senior Orchestra is primarily a concert orchestra, performing a wide variety of repertoire from classical, film and popular genres in addition to newly composed music. Former commissions include a piece by Bernard Geary called Pléarácha an Ghaorthaigh that was especially composed for the orchestra’s performance at the National Festival of Youth Orchestra’s (IAYO) in 2007 at the National Concert Hall, Dublin. The CCSM Senior Youth Orchestra has appeared four times at the IAYO Festival in 1999, 2003, 2007 & 2013, winning The Best Emerging Orchestra prize in 1999.


The CCSM Senior Orchestra has toured on three occasions to Paris, Prague and Barcelona in addition to various tours and fun excursions around Cork and Ireland!


The Orchestra also performs at CCSM's Annual Gala Concert as well as special events including performances for the President of Ireland etc.


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