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The CCSM fosters a unique love of music through music education and performance

Woodwind players from the CCSM in performance

The CCSM - now working in over 30 centres throughout County Cork

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The CCSM - promoting instrumental excellence and providing inspiration for Cork communities

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The CCSM - delivering excellence through varied music programmes

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The CCSM - excellence in community-based education

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The CCSM - committed to fulfilling every student's potential

The Staff of the CCSM

The CCSM, through the medium of music, enriches and enhances the lives of many individuals within the community



  • Where appropriate, our students follow structured syllabi and are guided through a rigorous grading system by means of examinations which are held on an annual basis. They are examined by a team of highly specialised examiners who offer an objective opinion on the standards reached by each student and helpful advice on their progress going forward.
  • Our priority is to ensure that our students are managing the technical and musical requirements of their own individual and particular stage.
  • The teaching staff of the County Cork School of Music are skilled professionals who understand the various stages of development. When a teacher deems it appropriate to spend a longer time preparing for the next grade/cycle, they do so with professional judgement and experience.
  • Decisions in this regard are made in the child’s best interests. The teacher’s decision is final.



CCSM Irish Dancers in Performance




  • Parents should note that the Examinations will commence on the Tuesday following the May Bank Holiday weekend.
  • The usual duration for the examinations is 2-3 weeks but this is dictated by the number of entries and can fluctuate on an annual basis.
  • Due to the huge volume of entries for exams across the County, it has been necessary to centralise the system and to designate the larger schools as the main Examination Centres.
  • Prior to the exam, all students will be facilitated (as instrument appropriate) with two rehearsals and an accompanist. These rehearsals may take place at the teaching centre or at the examination centre.
  • Examination dates cannot be changed except in unusual circumstances.
  • Parents are required to email us only on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the closing date, stating the day during the Examinations period and reason that a student may not be available.


"Many thanks for your kind invitation to your annual concert which I attended with my godson and niece. It was absolutely superb. Not a seat to be had in the house"
- Anne Dunne, Principal – Clonakilty Community College

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