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The CCSM, through the medium of music, enriches and enhances the lives of many individuals within the community

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The Staff of the CCSM

A dedicated body of music staff who are enthusiastically enriching local communities in County Cork


CCSM Community Musician in Residence Programme

Community Music at the pianoCCSM introduced a ground-breaking new programme this year with the introduction of the CCSM Community Musician in Residency Programme.

Community Music is almost exclusively group based music making delivered in a workshop format.


The primary aim of community music is to break down barriers to participation e.g. financial, social, cultural, physical /mental disability etc, by ensuring that music-making is made accessible to everyone regardless of background or circumstances.

The purpose of the CCSM residency programme is to facilitate transition year students in exploring and developing their innate musicality in a non-judgmental, non- threatening and holistic manner.


The residency consists of workshops that focus on the following areas of music making:


  • Ensemble Performance Skills - - Body / Vocal percussion, Group singing, Group instrumental performance.
  • Improvisation - Large group instrumental improvisation, Improvising songs through the exploration of genre and style.
  • Composition - Songwriting skills, Instrumental composition, Soundscapes, Body percussion routines.
  • Instrument Making - Making instruments from recycled materials and learning to perform on them in an ensemble situation.


All the above place a strong emphasis on the creative process and self expression. Watch this space for plans for next year’s CCSM Residency Programme!

Community Music Group in Performance



"Just a quick note to congratulate you on a wonderful concert in Ballincollig. The quality of the content of the entire concert was fantastic. "
- Deirdre & Paul Carroll, Parents of CCSM Pupils

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