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The Staff of the CCSM

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Assessment at CCSM

The County Cork School of Music is committed to providing a quality music service for its students. We aspire to excellence while encouraging participation, effort, personal best and community involvement. We also believe that constructive assessment and evaluation procedures are a worthwhile experience for students to engage in at CCSM.


Here are some of the key points in relation to assessment at CCSM.

  • We acknowledge that each student is an individual and will progress at his/her own rate by devoting adequate practice time at home with the help and support of parents/guardians.
  • Student progress will be continually assessed by the teacher throughout the year with comments and recommendations being noted in the Student Journal. We request that parents work with us by reading the journal, staying in touch with the teacher and supporting the fostering of an approach to regular practice at home.
  • Any matters relating to student progress and music lessons should be discussed with the student’s teacher in the first instance. Parents are invited to meet the Music Teacher during the student’s lesson time with prior appointment.
  • Progress Reports may also be issued from time to time and will keep parents informed of their child’s application and progress.
  • A graded Examinations programme is available to all of our students. The teacher will advise when the student is ready for same.



"Ciara loves being part of the Orchestra and her dad and I know it is a great opportunity for her. The Gala Concert just lifted our hearts. "
- Adrianna Dinneen, CCSM Parent

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