The Staff of the CCSM

The CCSM, through the medium of music, enriches and enhances the lives of many individuals within the community

The Staff of the CCSM

A dedicated body of music staff who are enthusiastically enriching local communities in County Cork

The CCSM Trumpet Ensemble

The CCSM - making music in County Cork

Violinists from the CCSM Orchestra

The CCSM - committed to fulfilling every student's potential

Woodwind players from the CCSM in performance

The CCSM - now working in over 30 centres throughout County Cork

Cellists from the CCSM Orchestra

The CCSM - excellence in community-based education

Traditional Musicians from the CCSM performing in concert

The CCSM - delivering excellence through varied music programmes

Brass Players from the CCSM orchestra in performance

The CCSM - promoting instrumental excellence and providing inspiration for Cork communities

Students of the CCSM

The CCSM fosters a unique love of music through music education and performance

The CCSM orchestra in Concert

The CCSM - reaching new creative heights through music

Taking care of your string instrument:


. Always keep your instrument in the case when not in use.

. Clean your instrument several times a week with a DRY micro fibre/ lint free cloth. NEVER USE POLISH OR STANDARD HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS ON YOUR INSTRUMENT. In particular, wipe away excess rosin from around the bridge and fingerboard area. Rosin build-up can cause damage to the varnish and will have to be cleaned by a professional if left unattended.

. Clean your strings regularly with perfume or aftershave (perhaps monthly depending on use).

. Keep your chinrest clean too regularly, perhaps with a baby wipe or anti-bacterial wipe. Grime and sweat from playing can build up on the chinrest area (Violins and Violas).

. Avoid extreme temperatures, leaving the instrument next to a radiator or in a cold damp room, or in direct sunlight in a car and so on.

. Your bow only needs to be rosined once a week at most. Avoid putting too much rosin on your bow.

. Always loosen your bow when putting it back in the case after use.

. When tightening your bow for playing, always insure it KEEPS its BOW SHAPE. It should be tightened to approximately a baby finger or pencil width at the centre of the bow. Ever so slightly more for Cellos and Basses. A German bow for a bass should to be tightened to about one and a quarter inches.

. If your bow begins to break hairs from regular use, it’s time to take it to a professional to be re-haired.

. If you have a very good instrument that is being used frequently, it is advisable to bring it to a professional once a year to 18 months for a professional clean and service.

Instrument Care & Maintenance

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